Jean Kittson's recently published book, 'You're still hot to me' reflects on her personal experiences of menopause and is a fact-filled conversation starter.

A comedian and active health campaigner, Jean was amazed at what she didn't know when she hit menopause and given that 1.5 million Australian women are menopausal at any one time, she wondered why the subject was discussed so little and at times done so with hushed tones.

Written as the sort of book Jean herself felt that she needed to read, 'You're still hot to me' is presented as an easy-to-read book full of useful information that doesn't make you want to put on an old chenille dressing-gown and a pair of comfortable slippers before throwing yourself under a marching band.

A chatty, sometimes robust conversation between women and some of Australia's top experts, this book allows readers to discover how to recognise the symptoms of menopause, the medical attention you deserve and the lowdown on which treatments really work. 

Candid and frequently hilarious, 'You're still hot to me' is a starter kit on how to cheerfully embrace and confidently manage this momentous time in life and learn how to combine menopause with work, sex and parenting whilst emerging at the other end still talking to the ones you love.

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